Photo: C’mon Spring!

photo credit: KReative_Works

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago and since we’ve had beautiful sunshine over the past few days, the last pockets of snow has melted. I am so ready for Spring now.


Cellular Skullduggery

I love my smartphone; it keeps me on task with reminders, a master calendar, being able to answer emails – not to mention take and edit photos on the go. It’s amazing !! Recently I’ve begun having connection issues with my cell network and haven’t seen an upgrade since Nov. 2018 – what’s with that??

A trend has emerged over the last few years or so where companies have begun to “smoke out” consumers that prefer to hold on to their hard earned money and not have the latest device just because it’s shiny and new. A cell phone has now become a commitment like purchasing a home or car! Once I lay my money down I intend to use it until it gives up the ghost, but cellular companies have caught on and upgrade their technology “in an effort to provide better service/coverage” Naw !! It’s their way of making your smartphone useless as the technology moves forward and to repeat the process again in another year/two. Why not create a phone that can be upgraded as the technology does or at least create a software patch that can work across all device models?

People have slept on the street outside retail stores (for bragging rights) to be the “first” to test out the latest phone – and indeed you are the first “true” testers for the companies. How can you say that you ask? Think about it there was a time companies paid focus groups to test their products before they are released, now the product goes “live” you buy it and provide feedback to the company of your experience and you’ve paid them for the privilege. It’s brilliant and outrageous at the same time. Your feedback determines the next generation with improvements they got paid for and sell it back to you!

What would happen if we didn’t buy another new phone and used tablets for email and social media, cameras for photos and send a message to the industry?

Can you hear us now?! Rant over.

In “other” News: Vol. 9

It’s been a while since our last installment, so here we go:

Be our guest:



Get there !!

Sweet !

That’s bomb!

I never tire of these so we are already working on the next set coming next month . . stay tuned.

I.D.I.O.T. Awards

Last month a new feature was added to the corner, the I.D.I.O.T. award. This honor is bestowed to someone that didn’t take certain details into consideration. I Didn’t Investigate Or Think it through, see what I did there?!

Let’s face it we all know someone that has done/said something and we shake our heads in disbelief, all while thinking to ourselves Did you really think that through?

Our newest inductees:

Scratching my head, until next time.