Into the Rabbit Hole

The Planner “Rabbit Hole”

Planner Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

I remember when I got my very first agenda (Middle School) it was a great way for me to keep up with homework, quizzes and events. I could personalize it with stickers or fancy handwriting and I loved it.  This began a planner journey for me that lasted decades – fast forward to the present and about a year ago I stumbled into what is called “pretty planning” this is where you add decorative items to your planner to make it, well  “pretty”.  What ???  I felt I needed a planner to plan and didn’t have time for all that, well I began to “sip” the Kool aid and now I’m hooked ! !

Pretty planning has opened up a new creative outlet for me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a minimalist by nature so I don’t go all out as I’ve seen on Pinterest and YouTube but there is growth as you can see by these pictures. Washi tape, stickers and page flags – oh my ! ! So many wonderful ways to customize an otherwise “plain” planner.

Then . .

Then . .



I’ve found an amazing Facebook group where other planner “nerds” can exchange ideas,  planner and stationary items. I love it, so I can no longer consider myself a “plain Jane planner.”

What have you found yourself enjoying that you thought wouldn’t be for you?

Bladder Botox . . Wait, What ??!!

The pharmaceutical industry has a pill for everything !  I recently saw this commercial and thought  wait . . what ? !  Botox has been used by women and men to “blur” the signs of aging but now there is Botox for Overactive Bladder (OB).

Not sure about this one, but you be the judge.

Signs of Spring

Month in Pics – April

As I patiently await Spring or at least temperatures that are consistent with Spring, not much happened this month. Well, the Postal Worker landing on  the White House lawn indeed was the cherry on top for me (full story here ).

Please enjoy until next time . . .Signs of Spring

This was one interesting story

FL Letter Carrier lands gyrocopter on White House lawn – Wait . . What ? ?

Some things you just can’t make up !

Doug Hughes (61), a FL Letter carrier, planned over 2 years ago to fly a gyrocopter to the White House to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform.   I understand when you’re fed up and want to take drastic measures to prove a point, but did he check his calendar to make sure the date was good, or at least The Weather Channel to ensure good conditions for an “exposed” aircraft ? ?

Letter Carrier gone "Postal"

Letter Carrier gone “Postal”

I have questions:

1. Was there a “backup plan” just in case this one didn’t work out?

2. What would happen to all those letters if something happened during or after the land (like an arrest) ?

3. Did the US Postal service approve the use of its logo?

4. What does his wife think?

He stated during an interview with the Tampa Bay Times:

“I’m demanding reform and declaring a voter’s rebellion in a manner consistent with Jefferson’s description of rights in the Declaration of Independence,” he wrote in his letters. “As a member of Congress, you have three options. 1. You may pretend corruption does not exist. 2. You may pretend to oppose corruption while you sabotage reform. 3. You may actively participate in real reform.”

Some how I don’t think this was what Thomas Jefferson meant, Sir !