My fauxdori

#Onebookjuly2015 – One Book, One Pen, One Month

I’m all about challenging myself and stretching my creative “muscle.”  So, when I first heard about this challenge in the planner community I figured “why not”  ? !

It’s been 2 weeks since I began this challenge  and must admit, I’m taking a second look at my planning method.  I don’t regret switching to the Travelers Notebook “system” at all but as my life becomes less “hectic” I’m learning I don’t really need a comprehensive planning system.  I’m a color-coder by nature (it’s just how I sort things visually) so I don’t feel a need to change that, however my weeks aren’t so busy that I need a lot of details.

I am exploring the “Bullet Journal” planning system because I can customize it for “basic” planning and lists (because how do you live without lists??)  Bullet Journal Overview.

My setup for this month is: (1) planner insert (monthly/weekly calendars), (1) journal for my daily “quiet time” or bible study and (1) journal for work, blog planning and brain dumps.

The pen I chose is a Pentel Energel X in black (.5) which is a needle point and I love it ! !             I’m not a fan of the regular Energel because the ink flow is too heavy and takes forever to dry, so the Energel X line was designed for “lefties” and dries quickly. The claims alone made we want to try it.  I’m not left-handed but the fast drying ink sold me.

I need color in my life  for when the mood strikes and I want to draw/color;  so I have a 7-set mini liquid chalk pens I purchased on Ebay a couple of months ago that provides that color “fix” since my planner pages are light blue.

My fauxdori

My fauxdori

"Quiet Time Journal"

insert courtesy of OneCraftChick on Etsy

Monthly/Weekly planner

insert from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy.

Work, Blog and Brain dumps

Work, Blog and Brain dumps







stay tuned to see what I decide . . .



Got Bacon ? ? ?

Got Bacon ? ? ?

Got Bacon ? ? ?

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I am dumb-founded once again ! !

This edition of Wait…What?! involves a story from Pleasanton, CA  that was not so “pleasant”. It seems a group of teenagers broke into a family home while the family was on vacation and threw a party. They helped themselves to the family’s alcohol stash, and over $2K in personal property, but they didn’t stop there . . . they decided to cook 5 lbs of bacon the family had stored full story here.  Adding insult to injury, they even left the mess for the family to take care of and shared their celebration via social media.

It’s sad that there is so little respect for personal space.

Life in desolation

Pics of the Month – June

What a roller coaster June had been, some days barely reaching the 70s and other days well over 80 degrees. I guess Summer has unpacked its bag and decided to hang around a while.

Enjoy some photos from the past month.

Until the next post . . .