One of the benefits of being married to someone in the media is access to the weird, wacky and down right crazy news stories. Instead of posting them individually, I’ve decided to do a monthly compilation of stories that make you go, Wait . . What?!

Here’s the first installment, enjoy ! !

  1.  Why Can’t I Park My Plane Here ? ?

2.  Would You Like Some Butter with those Grits, Honey ?

Here are some photos from the past month to enjoy, until next time . . .

In comes the rain

In comes the rain


How cool is this ?!

Yes ! !

Yes ! !

My first Joe's Crab Shack Experience

This says home to “Hubby”

My first visit to Joe's Crab Shack

My first visit to Joe’s Crab Shack


“Hubby’s plate” That chicken was everything ! !

Birthday dinner at Dukes

NC Catfish, yes sir ! !

Personalized M&Ms for my Birthday

Personalized M&Ms for my Birthday

more Birthday love

more Birthday love

"Quiet Time Journal"

#OneBookJuly2015: My thoughts

I began #oneboojuly2015 with the hope of streamlining my current planning system, but what I found was my system (as I knew it) was no longer relevant to my current lifestyle.  In case you missed that post you can get caught up here.

What I learned following this process was:

  • I don’t need a large planner, so in September I will begin my “petite” planning journey in a Personal size TN (Travelers Notebook)
  • I don’t need a lot of decorative elements to plan (cute stickers are a plus, but there must be functional stickers/stamps
  • I no longer need a dedicated weekly spread to plan; I could write “snippets” of my day or not and be ok with a free style page
  • I can plan with one pen and use colored dots for coding
  • I prefer everything in one notebook versus having different notebooks to keep up with
  • I enjoy color on my pages but not colored pages for planning
a weekly spread

a weekly spread

I am happy I participated in this challenge and learned more than I’d planned to. You should evaluate  your organizational system yearly to see if you’re getting the most out of it, if not change it.   What good is a “system” that no longer applies to your life??

Happy Planning : )