Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

This is the time of year we start planning for the holidays, winding down from the daily “grind” and enjoying time with family and friends.

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Here’s a blast from the past.


until next time . .


Wait, What?!: Monthly Head Scratchers 2.0

Wait, What?!: Monthly Head Scratchers 2.0

It’s time for the next installment of wacky news.  Here are a couple from last month that couldn’t be overlooked:

I got these Chuck E Cheese tokens . . .

Now you’ve gone too far, Walmart !


Keep chuckling until next time.


Hit or Hype: Elena May Boutique

I normally don’t purchase items from Facebook ads but there was an offer I couldn’t resist.  The promotional offer: a free bracelet, the only cost was shipping (valued at $4.95).  I read some of the comments to get opinions from people who had purchased and as it is with most reviews there are some people no matter what, just can’t be pleased.

I purchased the one below because the inscription spoke to me.

Following my purchase on 8-24-17,  I contacted the shop via FB Messenger to confirm some of the issues mentioned and received a friendly, prompt response that the issue of expedited fees (due to the overwhelming product demand) were refunded and there were no duplicate charges made to customers’ cards.  Carole also advised they were about to complete all the outstanding orders were completed.

The site is an actual membership that promises access to over 5000 beautifully designed pieces of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry at over 60% off retail price for the low monthly cost of $12.86 per month.

My bracelet arrived on 9-18-17 and I am impressed with the quality of it.

2017-09-19 15.31.01

The subscription service isn’t right for me, but my experience with the company was a pleasant one.



No Matter Where You Live . .

I have lived most of my life on the east coast and having been raised in the South where the summers are sweltering and the winters are milder compared to living in the North East which is quite different.  We’ve lived in this region now for almost three years and the winters can be brutal and longer than I’m used to.

This was the first day of Spring just a year ago . .

Spring pics, HA
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

Yeah, I wasn’t impressed !

This was shared on Facebook and gave me a chuckle, so I felt it was worth sharing. No matter where in this country you live, you will deal with something.


In spite of the humor, let’s continue to keep in prayer and support those impacted by hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and now Maria.