In “other” News . . Vol. 8

In “other” News . . Vol. 8

We’re back with another installment of the weird and wacky in the world of news :

How about this one ?

Long distance food delivery.

Bad Instructor !

Totally hot !

keeping chuckling until next time.



Support or Scheme?

There seems to be a rise in emotional support animals traveling the airways, but has it gone too far?

Here are some examples of “support” animals, that became problematic for air travel here.

A couple of personal favorites:


and . . .

photos courtesy of Fox


The airlines are now taking a second look at which “support” animals are deemed travel approved;  there’s always a few that mess it up for the many.  Stay tuned . .

Cuddling my support bear . . until next time.


photo courtesy of KReative_Works


All treats, No tricks.

All treats, No tricks.

Many people are becoming more aware of what and how we eat. The holidays pose a challenge to find “healthier” alternatives to our favorite treats and Halloween is no different.

It’s the time for mini ghosts, goblins and other characters hit the streets to score sugar filled, teeth rattling treats. In case you missed the post from last year on the top candies by state click here.

Here’s a list of healthy treats from a recent post on Huff Post that will satisfy and decrease the risk of cavities here.

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