Pic of the Month – The Snow Won’t Go


The recent Blizzard of 2016 dumped 24 inches of snow – this photo was taken one week later. The picture says it all.


really ?!


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Women with Gifts – Guest Post

This blog journey began 4 years ago and have enjoyed seeing its growth.  A recent collaboration with Women with Gifts began with my first post (here) .

I was drawn to the positive mission of this group and look forward to a continued

with them.  Go show them some love and subscribe so you don’t miss a single post.


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FAVE 5s – January


I enjoy watching videos of people’s monthly favorites and learning about new products to explore.  Here’s my favorites of for the past month:

5.  News story:   (here)

4.  Photo/video:

3.   Song:  AdeleHello

2.   Book/Planning item:

1. Food/drink:

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Blizzard 2016

I want to give you a photographic idea of just how much snow fell  (in less than 24 hours) in NJ.  Yeah, take that all in ! !

Our weather team kept us informed days ahead as to what was to come, but no one expected this !

In parting, here’s a little something to help you decipher your next weather “condition”  read here.

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