Photo of the Week: Sky Show

image credit: KRW Photography

There’s something magical about a Winter sunset. What a great way to end the day!

Battle of Winter Skin

Winters in the NE can be brutal and keeping skin moisturized is a priority. Lotions are a joke and thick creams require time to absorb, they can be messy and stain clothing.

The search began to find something that provided moisture without being too thick and greasy; after trying a couple products I wanted to share my findings.

Behold, the battle of the butter! Whipped shea butter have a “cult” following for its ability to moisturize without being greasy, a plant-based fat (nut butter) great for most skin types, treats eczema, psoriasis and the whipped consistency “melts” into to the skin quickly.

image credit: KRW Photography

The first product came from Little Soap Store There are two sizes available and I opted for the small which turned out to be the perfect travel size. It appeared stiff in the beginning but after sitting for a couple weeks it has softened to a texture I could work with and applies easily. Pay a visit to her shop and let her know you found out about her on this blog.

image credit: KRW Photography

I did a google search and discovered Naturals by Nezzy I purchased this during her holiday sale and scored this for 50% off and have hit “jar” on this product and since repurchased it in the Jasmine scent. This by far has been exactly what I’ve wanted in a product and I’m a loyal customer. Check out her website for this and her other “handmade” products and let her know you heard about her on this blog.

What’s your must have Winter skin care product(s)?

Year in Review 2019 – Part 2

We’re closing out this year with the final installment for this year and decade (scary thought isn’t it?) with …

The last five of the ten reader favorite posts of 2019:






We will soon hit a 10-year milestone here at the Corner and it would not have been possible without your continued readership.

The next couple of weeks will be used to give the blog an update and return mid-January with a new look and more of the posts you enjoy reading.

Wishing you a new year filled with peace and blessings.

2020 here we come…