Here’s why we’ve been MIA.


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Welcome to all our new subscribers. We are grateful for you joining us however, as of 10-1-2020 we are no longer posting on this platform.

Our move to Tumblr was short-lived; it just wasn’t a good fit. The next chapter for us is a handmade product business with a focus on the wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Stop by and join our community there where we share monthly wellness tips Be well : )


2020 has been quite a year! There’s a lot of reflection and evaluation of the people and things that have gone past their expiration date.

As The Kreative Corner approaches its 10th year, we are looking to the future. As of October 1, 2020 we will suspend this blog to focus on a new chapter: KR Naturals Mind & Body, a business created to empower and highlight holistic living. Join us now on Tumblr

We are excited to join the “movement” of self-empowerment and self-care with inspiration, tips, messages of guidance, and some tough love so that we can live our lives “on purpose.”

On behalf of everyone here in The Corner, we are so grateful for your support and readership over the years and wish you health and blessings in the days ahead.

5-ingredient Meatless Lasagne

I am fortunate to have a “meat-atarian” spouse that embraces a meatless meal every now and then. It is especially wonderful when he takes that into consideration in his meal prep.

This recipe was the inspiration for his dish most recently.

Yep, it was delicious and with the addition of sliced mushrooms satisfied the meat craving. It was a hit and sure to become part of the household dinner rotation. Give it a try, even if it’s just one night a week – like on Meatless Mondays.

I’ll just leave this here to make your mouth water – until next time.