C’mon Man !!

C’mon Man !!

I didn’t plan to stick my toe into the “political pool” on this blog, but I couldn’t pass this up !

A recent story featured in golfdigest.com reported President Donald Trump had a plaque installed at his Northern Virginia golf course in memory of the Civil War here.

All I can say is . . .

Wait - What
Huh ??

It is clear facts didn’t have to be checked because . . he’s the President of the United States and should know a little something about its history, right???

smh, ’til next time ! !

TBT: Cereal Edition

The recent Pop culture trend seems to center around the “Reboot” a revival of things from days gone by – a blast from the past !  You see this in fashion, TV shows and even music.  So, on this #TBT I submit a treasure chest of sugary goodies that is breakfast cereal.

A recent conversation with “hubby” prompted a google search for a cereal I used to see on the shelf of our grocery store but didn’t remember who made it.  He was off to get his tablet and scored this.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

. . .until next time.

Is it Spring??

Here we are almost the middle of May and we have been on a roller coaster of temperatures from 86 degrees (Apr 29) to 54 degrees (May 7).

I love the “patches” of green sprinkled throughout the horizon in hopes the warm weather will come back and stick around for a while. . . or at least we can hope.

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

. .  until next time.