Monthly Headscratchers XL

Monthly Headscratchers XL

It seems the holidays bring out the creative side of people.

So here are a nice collection of stories from last month:

  1. Port-able Getaway
  2. Pricey Gas Up
  3. Self-Serving
  4. Possum Drunk
  5. Squirrely Sweet Tooth
  6. Holy Cow
  7. We Need a She-ro
  8. I Just Want Some Coffee
  9. Trade ‘Ya
  10. Guess He’ll Be at the Gym
  11. A Joint Gift


Smh, until next time.



Insure E’rything !

Insure E’rything !

I am a firm believer in protecting your investment. You insure your home, car, pet and even yourself, but your pizza??

A recent commercial from Dominos made me think we may be taking it too far. The pizza chain would replace your pizza should it meet an unfortunate demise “outside” of the store.

So of course I have questions:

  1.  Does that cover delivery service?  Here in the NE where frozen sidewalks and stairs could be a risk factor.
  2. Does it apply to the “coordination challenged” aka the Klutz?  The delivery went off without a hitch but you just couldn’t  get it to the table.
  3.  Is the cost more than the pizza? I’ll take my chances if it is.

As the NFL season winds down and we look forward to the playoffs and SuperBowl parties, it may be worth the consideration.


Feel free to sit a grab a slice until next time.


photo courtesy of PA Insurance Dept.

Rilakkuma: The Traveling Bear

Welcome to the first post of 2018 ! !

There aren’t many characters I connect with but there’s something about this little guy.  Rilakkuma is a fictional Japanese character whose name means  bear in relaxed mood; he like things stress-free and does everything at his own pace.   A gift from my husband this Summer and he takes his job as desk monitor very seriously (seen below).



I have been blessed with a new client this year that will afford me the opportunity to travel and Rilakkuma will become my “official” travel mascot, so look for him in future posts.

Here’s to the start of a wonderful new year ! !