Postal WoesIt seems the US Postal Service can’t get a break ! ! Complaints of delayed, or missing mail/packages seem to be a new trend, and the recent backlash regarding the quote that appears on the Maya Angelou “forever” stamp unveiled Tuesday, April 7th doesn’t help either (see full story)

Central Park NYC

Month In Pics – March

This was one of the worst Winters in this part of the country in many years, at least according to the “natives”. The bitter cold and constant snow was met with much resistance from this Southern Girl. I am not saying I’ve adjusted to it but it is what it is !

Country Rocker??

Steven Tyler goes Country . .Wait, What ??

Steven Tyler formerly of Aerosmith announced recently he will be releasing a country music album (full story here topheadlines).


You should think about this . .

This was recently shared on my husband’s blog and it is worth sharing again.  So this week, I interrupt the “regularly scheduled” Pics of the Month post to serve a little “soul food” . . .

Honest Words That Need To Be Heard