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Whatever Happened to . . .

Whatever Happened to . . .

Every now and then I wonder what happened to a product that seemed to just vanish without a trace.  Here are some products I enjoyed but went “ghost”:

photo courtesy of Nokia     

Remember this “jewel” ? I was a big Nokia fan back in the day and had owned a couple of their phones. Nokia was the “Chevrolet” of cellular phones, mine had fallen down stairs, did somersaults in store parking lots and not so much as a button missing. This Lumia was close but no cigar.

As a hobby photographer, I primarily use my phone instead of  another camera because one it’s always with me anyway. I can appreciate where Nokia was going but a cellphone is for calling first and then pictures.

Remember this one??

photo courtesy of Pinterest

I forgot about these ! ! I liked that they were made with flour, maybe that was the problem since most tortilla like chips are made with corn. Memories (le sigh).

and now . .


BimgVera Wang Rock Princess 100ML EDT
photo courtesy of getprice.com/au

I introduced this fragrance many years ago to my daughter and she fell in love. Vera has now branched into home decor and weddings and hasn’t made fragrances in over 2 years much to the dismay of my “Song Bird”.  It was great while it lasted.

Finally, this product:

photo courtesy of ebay.com/au

I loved these, especially for handling raw meat. They were really absorbant and you just toss them when you’re done.


Reminiscing until next time.


Monthly Headscratchers 3.0

Monthly Headscratchers 3.0

Well, it seems as we get close to the holidays the “gifts” just keep on coming. Here are the latest ones from the past month.

Dr. Pot

Flight 666 to HEL

Hot Spot

I need a cold one

$1 Weed ??

Enjoy these until next time. .


Top Halloween candy by state.

Top Halloween candy by state.

Halloween is the one day kids and “kids at heart” can binge on candy.  Some of my childhood faves: Fun size Snickers (which I still love), M&Ms and Smarties.

A recent poll of Halloween candy favorites list the top three candies by state check it out here.     (featured photo courtesy of hungryhistroy.com)


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