Poncho Saves the Day! !

There are times when all the negative and tragic stories on the news just weighs you down. Today, I’d like to spotlight this video of police dog in training.

Poncho the Police Dog

This video made me smile and reminded me that when all seems to be going wrong, there is always a brighter side.  Thanks Poncho !

until next time . .


TBT: Yeah, You Missed It ! !

TBT: Yeah, You Missed It ! !

Here’s a recap of the bizarre/strange news stories from the past 5 months (linked below):

Jan. 2018

Feb. 2018

Mar. 2018

Apr. 2018

May 2018

Keep laughing or scratching your head . . until next time.

Hit or Hype: Dole Acai Bowls

I am a huge fan of Smoothie bowls and there’s a local Poke restaurant that has quickly become the standard by which I measure all smoothie bowl offerings.

Dole recently got on the smoothie bowl train with their Acai bowls click here.

Dole Acai Bowls
photo courtesy of Google.com

We got one at our local grocery store to try.  I opened the container and there wasn’t a lot to mix and eat but I kept an open mind.  It was good but not good enough for me to spend $4; it would be great as a snack for a child, but I’ll spend the extra $5 and get the “adult” size thank you.

C’mon, Dole can we 100% of the 6 oz?

feelin’ my stomach growl . .until next time.


Photo: Peace in the Storm

There are times when a break is needed but you just can’t “find” the time.  I learned recently when a break is needed, it’s exactly what you get.

We recently experienced a “storm” when our eldest daughter became seriously ill and spent a week in the hospital. It came at a time when things with work was crazy busy and  I knew it was time for a change but just didn’t have the “time.”  God in his infinite wisdom knew this was it – time to step back and re-evaluate things. So, I headed home to be at the bedside of our daughter.

A trip to a local waterfront park in my hometown was just what I needed to get clarity:

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

Sitting quietly in this space with our youngest daughter provided solace and a fresh  perspective.  All the prayers helped her recover and everyday she is getting stronger. I learned during this time what is absolutely necessary each day and now that I’m back home I will be handling things differently.

Remember:  No matter what your “storm” there is a place you can go for the peace and comfort you need.

Reflecting, until next time. .