“Planner Peace”: Here’s what I learned

I shared a post earlier about my planner journey  

Love the planner but my system needed an overhaul; so I set out to find “peace.”  Spent a lot of time/money but nothing ! I stumbled into a group specifically for Travelers Notebook owners for inspiration and found people that designed their own planner “spreads” when they struggled to find/make something work for themselves.

Never did I think I could make a “customized” layout, but I challenged myself to try it out for the last months of the year to see what actually worked. I looked at many formats/systems and found the key things I needed and came up with this . . .


What this journey has taught me:

  1. “peace” is more about what system works for you and less about how much something costs. I made this using a simple grid notebook, a mechanical pencil, ruler, stickers and washi.

2.  plain pages make me sad – I need color.

3.   you don’t need a lot to plan.

4.  we are all creative – find what you’re good at and do that !

5.  experiment – try something different; if it doesn’t work try                             something else

Photo of the Week: Fall Exploration

Exploration should be fun.

Exploration should be fun.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The cool, crisp air and beautiful colors that paint our sky and sidewalks – I love it !  On Tuesday I had my first light rail experience (for an appointment) and really enjoyed the peace and scenic view (like this one); a stark difference from our neighboring city where the only view you have are approximately 8 people blocking your view until their next stop.

I am so happy we made the decision to live outside of that city so we could enjoy moments like this. After all, you only get one “first” so enjoy them.

Until next time . . .

31-Day #LWSZ Challenge – 5 Things I Learned

image courtesy of prweb.com

image courtesy of prweb.com

Last month I participated in the Living Well Spending Zero (#LWSZ) challenge. I knew going into it that not spending anything was not going to be an option for me, however, I did keep an open mind to learning some new ways to get a better “grip” on my spending.

What I came away with:

  • know your spending “triggers” and wait 24-48 hours before purchasing – sometimes that feeling will pass
  • waiting has its benefits – you may score a great deal if you wait a bit before buying
  • there are great low-no cost options available if you do some research (Pinterest or  Instagram)
  • we tend to do “easy” because it’s convenient but there is a lot of pride in creating something yourself
  • be intentional with purchases, know what purpose the item(s) have before you buy so there’s less “buyers remorse”

until next time . . .

Huh ??

Wait . . What ?! – Monthly Recap

I love sharing the weird and wacky news stories each month, so let’s keep it going with this month’s offerings for your amusement.

Take That Spider ! !

“Weed” from Above

Vote for Santa

Super High ! !

Teen left court docs in stolen car

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