Photo of the Week: Sign of Spring

Living this quarantine life can inspire a severe case of “cabin fever.” I went to my local park for a few minutes just to sit and soak up some sunshine (Vitamin D). The Daffodils are in bloom and reminded me that in spite of the current state of our world, it doesn’t stop Spring from coming.

Enjoy this reminder..until next time.

COVID-19 and the new workspace.

image credit: pixiestock

The current health crisis has companies downsizing its staff by having them work remotely (i.e. from home). Families are now at in close quarters with disrupted schedules; this can make working at home a challenge. How can you “carve-out” a space to work each day and maintain your sanity for the uncertain days ahead? We’ve got you covered!

5 Tips for creating a productive work space at home:

  1. Place a table/desk in a room preferably with a door; if that’s not possible use a screen or hang a sheet for privacy.
  2. Bring in a lamp or place the desk near a window for bright light.
  3. Add a citrus-scented candle or use citrus essential oil in a diffuser to lift your mood and enhance creativity.
  4. Establish a schedule and make family aware this is your “office” time; maintain your breaks/lunchtime as if working at the office.
  5. At the end of your day, leave a clutter-free space so you’re able to start the next day with a clean space. A cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind and will put a strain on productivity.

Hope these tips will be helpful as we all adjust to this new way of life. Be well!

Stay-cation: Atlantic City

I was pleasantly surprised with a trip to Atlantic City for Valentine’s Day weekend. As I reminisce about that wonderful weekend with my Sweetheart, let’s take this trip down memory lane. **Warning: photo heavy**

I hope you enjoyed the trip; we are looking forward to returning very soon. I’m going to work on my Slots “game” in the meantime.