Have You Seen These?

Have You Seen These?

I love funny commercials; those seem to be the ones you remember, right??              BINGO. . that’s exactly what advertisers want if you connect with the ad you’re more likely to consume the product/service.  This skit from Saturday Night Live is absolutely hilarious here.

Here are some personal favorites:

  1.  Penguin Migration
  2. Washington Crossing the Delaware
  3. Box Vlog

and a few honorable mentions from Superbowl Sunday:

  1. Alexsa Loses her Voice
  2. This is Getting Old
  3. Dilly Dilly ! !


keep laughing until next time. .

*featured photo courtesy of google.com


In “other” News . . .

In “other” News . . .

It seems to be no shortage of shenanigans in the news, so here are some that were real head scratchers last month.   In case you missed them:

He got beaned.

Is that you, Claudia?

The Road to Nowhere.

Enjoy. . until next time.


Our family recently celebrated our Mom’s milestone birthday.  She has endured some health challenges in the past year but we are blessed to still have her with us.

Spending time with her on her personal “holiday” meant the world to me.  She is a fighter and continues to fight against time.  My “she-ro” ! !

This is what 85 looks like.

Enjoying this memory, until next time.