History in SC.

It’s not often you are personally related to a history moment, but last month I witnessed it first-hand.  The block buster movie, Black Panther has grossed (as of this posting) $786.3 million !!

The impressive list of notable stars is definitely worthy of your consideration, however there are unsung heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes in production, lighting, set design, accounting, catering and wardrobe whose names are often relegated to a 2-5 second screen scroll as movie race for the exits.

Allow me to take a moment to brag about a fellow South Carolinian that will forever be a part of this historic event.  We graduated from the same high school in Charleston, SC and I am honored to share his contribution in this epic film here.

photo courtesy of Quartz

It’s not often you’re able to directly relate to history moment, but it is truly special when you know someone directly linked to such a historical moment on the silver screen.  Well done, Paul.

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Goodbye Rev. Billy Graham

Goodbye Rev. Billy Graham

Here’s a wonderful tribute to America’s first Evangelist, the Rev. Billy Graham. My husband shared this on his blog and I felt it was a fitting tribute to share with you (here).


Well done faithful servant. Sleep in peace.

Hit or Hype: Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

I recently received samples from the company to try out.

Here are the claims:

“Our laundry detergent formulas are tough enough to remove the stains you know all too well, without harsh ingredients.” (from http://www.seventhgeneration.com)

Seventh Gen,
photo courtesy of jet.com


I used one of the (2) sample packs I received and honestly I didn’t see a remarkable difference from the detergent we normally use.  As well all make better choice to be kinder to our planet, I can appreciate companies that provide choices for us to do that.

I plan to try the liquid version (on sale of course) and put it against our regular detergent on white clothes, to me that the best indicator of how well a laundry detergent works. If you have sensitive skin and haven’t had much luck with detergents, give Seventh Generation a try.  I’ll be sure to come back with an update once I’ve put it through the next test.

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In “other” News: Volume 2

In “other” News: Volume 2


Here’s the latest installment of “head scratching” news from the past month:

  1.   Smooth Criminal
  2. One Trick Pooch
  3. The Green Roof Inn ??


These stories have become the favorites of all the published posts and we hope you get a “kick” out of them as well.  So, thanks for taking the time to read and keep LOL . . until next time.