Around Town: Ono Grinds Poke

It’s finally Spring (really, it is) and it time to change-up the breakfast options for the warmer temps.  Admittedly, we aren’t breakfast people but we make a conscious effort to”break the fast” from the  night before and smoothie bowls have become a “thing”.

I’ve been wanting to try a smoothie bowl for a while but it was a hard sell when the high temperature struggled to reach 50 degrees on any given day.  So, I took the plunge  recently and tried one from our favorite Hawaiian Poke restaurant.

Each bowl starts with a base of your choice; I started with an Acai berry base, then all the fruit (see below). It was heaven in a bowl – and it was the small.



Recently, I got the Pitaya based bowl and again ❤ ❤ ❤ (below):


This will be my breakfast/brunch “treat yo’self” treat for the Spring and Summer.

Feel free to drool. . until next time.



In “other” News – Vol. 4

In “other” News – Vol. 4

It’s that time again ! !   Here is the latest installment of the weird and wacky news in case you missed it.

Can’t Get that Song Out of My Head

Zoo Poo

Another Boy ?!

Cheetos Bath

. . .until the next installment.

Morning Star Farms, nice try.

prod_img-6565774_msf_porkI am making a conscious effort to be “kinder” to my body by reducing animal meat and opting for more plant-based products.  I recently purchased this and I must admit it definitely had the appearance of pulled pork, however, the texture was not quite there. It tasted a little “rubbery” and I’m sure that was due to the tapioca starch used. You will definitely have to work with spices and your favorite sauce to get the “mouth feel” of pulled pork; it is possible.

I added a stir fry blend of veggies that included red, green, yellow peppers and onions; also our favorite BBQ sauce Sweet Baby Rays (see below).

photo courtesy of  KReative Works

My “meatatarian” enjoyed it, so that was a win. Did it remind me of pulled pork, it did in appearance. Would I repurchase it, probably not.  So the quest for a “pork-less” substitute continues . . .until next time.

Glimpse of Spring

If you happen to live in the North East you know the struggle is real ! ! We have been praying for Spring weather since the April began.

Well, Mother Nature pulled us back from the ledge with a couple of beautiful days last month. We (“hubby” and I) set out to take advantage of the warm temps by walking for about 30 mins around town.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our walk.

photo courtesy of KReative Works
photo courtesy of KReative Works
photo courtesy of KReative Works


Keep channeling Spring.      until next time . .