I Survived

As we await the arrival of the coming year, let’s take time to reflect and be thankful for the ups, downs, victories and almost won battles this past year. There are many that will not 2012. At 12:01am we will have “crossed” into a year filled with new promises and opportunities. Time to live your best life.  Peace and blessings to you and yours.  See you next year ! !


bruised, broken, betrayed and belittled I am here

ashamed, rejected and once without a place to call home – yet, I am here

what should have cost me my life – caused me to live,  here I am

when I was down for the count and loved ones gave up – I’m still here

in the midst of heartache, heartbreak and hearsay – thank God I am here

lonely nights spent crying out for the strength to hold on

down to nothing – yet my Heavenly Father saw something

he picked me up, dusted me off and told me he loved me

so, I’m here today as proof that you too can survive


*inspired by fellow poet and spoken word artist Stylicia Bowden on Twitter @releasethepen



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