Blind Devotion

I love you more than I love myself

Devotion is defined ( as a


dedication, assignment or appropriation to any


                                                                                          Devotion can have both positive and negative



Negative                                            Positive

– selfish                                                – honesty

– territorial                                          – sincerity

 – obsessive                                           – protective

Devotion is an unwavering loyalty to someone or something  upon which many

relationships are built but in extreme cases have little regard for one’s personal


Devotion can become obsession when the needs of the individual are replaced

by the love for the other.  “I love you, I need you”.   What is the motivation

here?  Is this based on a much deeper issue or are you trying to “fix”

something broken in you?    Think about it !

 what do you want from me

 how much more can I give

 nothing left but

a distorted mirror image – a blank canvas

distant memories of who I knew

different yet familiar

I must get acquainted with myself again


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