A Peek Inside

The Dark Hole


The blues, the “blahs” we’ve all experienced them at one time or another, but there

is a place foreign to many that exists when the blues becomes something else . . . .

The Dark Side

a place where the will comes to die

where angels fear to tread

sanity is an illusion

choices are obsolete

emotions free from inhibitions to flow in a “raw” state – no filters

pushed beyond limits into the abyss

black – no light or life exists

“tunnel vision” reigns

lawlessness and chaos abound

death of happiness, peace, pleasure and creativity – pure desolation

becomes a fertile ground for its offspring: hopelessness, pity and grief

love “flat lined” in this atmosphere so thick with gloom

oxygen deprived

blurred vision and obscured lines

all-consuming plague with eternal moments of confusion and dread

there’s no negotiation – it’s all or nothing here

the only safeguard is opposition


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