The Intimate Exchange

There is an exchange that happens in intimacy that must be “purged” before you can freely move forward without replaying the “old movie clips.”

Memories that remind you of what “was” which can’t be healthy when establishing a new connection (too many guests in the bedroom). You must take time to “cleanse” yourself so you can experience the “now” without relying on those old “snippets” as a guide.

     I bring to you everything I am – but I am not alone

     I am the sum of those that made me and have written on the walls of

       my heart

     some so deeply engraved only time can erode, while others easily

       washed away by my ocean of tears

in this “system” no one is exempt the “residue” of some last longer than others – but once that

scent has lost its potency  you are able to enjoy the “fresh” air without conflict while those memories

are archived in the “past”


“Intimacy is an exchange – in order to move forward freely the previous transaction must be closed.”


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