Dream Killers

Dreams are messages given by our subconscious to guide, inform and in some cases protect us.

Dreams can provide inspiration or escape when times are difficult or we become stagnant and need a “ray of hope”; they also contain encrypted pieces of our destiny.

We often share them with others for insight or clarity but not every dream is meant to be shared.

There are “assassins”  waiting to kill the progression these dreams represent.

What are dreams killers?

Dream killers are disguised as fear, doubt, procrastination, abandonment or anyone that can’t or won’t give support.

Many of us are from a lineage of “dream killers”- those that “existed” based on the influence of those whose dreams

were also slain. We learn what we live !

To live life on your terms it’s important to own, protect and allow your dreams to inspire you to fulfill your purpose.

Dreams are the window pane through which we see our destiny and though many have passed on without experiencing that freedom – it’s not too late for you.


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