Between Mountains

Thought: Many enjoy the view from the mountain top but few enjoy the solitude of the valley

Merriam-Webster defines a valley as an elongated depression of the earth’s surface usually between

ranges of hills or mountains; a low point or condition.

Valleys are often viewed as a place of darkness, isolation and loss.  Have you ever considered valleys

as a place of rest?  One cannot climb continuously without resting the body or the muscles will become

fatigued.  A climber uses the valley to recharge the body with water, food, and rest before exhaustion sets

 in – one mistake could prove fatal. That place of rest is built between each peak to ensure this time is used to

replenish the energy spent during the ascension.

Our lives are summarized by peaks and valleys as well.  The valley experiences provide a time of reflection and

rest so we emerge stronger, clearer, and focused for the next climb.  While in the valley, we must not forget

the purpose this place serves; we should allow this tie to assess or current position and plan for the next.

Your attitude in the valley fuels your success for the next mountain.  Don’t allow your dreams to dies in the

valley . . .


                                                Dreams – Langston Hughes

                                            (published 2004 via Poem


 Hold fast to dreams

 For if dreams die

 Life is a broken-winged bird

 That cannot fly

 Hold fast to dreams

 For when dreams go

 Life is a barren field

 Frozen with snow




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