Inside Out

Love me slowly


see all of what makes me – me


every freckle, pimple, dimple and wrinkle on display


from the strength  of my spine that carries the hope of my family 


the fullness of my breasts to the curve of my hips and thighs


I was made to be loved from the inside out – nothing at all to hide


others were “fazed” with the “window dressing” and dreams of a “Good Wife”- not you


knowing the truth was below the surface you weren’t afraid to dig to discover the hidden


treasure – the real me, which only time reveals


I am not just a fleshy package for your pleasure


I am the receiver of life, your dream keeper, telescope for our future, intercessor for the day’s


journey, peace to your spirit and comfort when your soul needs a place to rest


few had a clue of what was wrapped in brown satin – but you found your diamond all because you


chose to love me from the inside out


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