Walk of Faith

Wow. . . I had no idea it’s been sooooo long since my last blog.  There have been some lifestyle changes since my last post; I met a wonderful man and moved to another state for our relationship to grow, arrived at my new “home” and finally found a job after more than 30 days of unemployment, my mother’s recent hospitalization and ongoing recovery. Whew ! !

I am making adjustments to my new life (one of which will be the frequency of my blogs from weekly to bi-weekly). I value your presence very much and ask for your prayers and continued support. as I make the The following was written during my most difficult time and seems appropriate to post now – may it provide inspiration.


I step out into unknown territory – along an indigo path

a stranger to the surroundings

yet there’s a dim light in the distance

each step calculated – no room for error

returning to start is not an option

what I stand to gain is far better than what I leave behind

trust in you is all I have

scared and unsure I continue this walk

confident that I will survive this long road and emerge stronger than before




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