2012 . . .It’s a wrap ! !

This year has been one of changes:

– my engagement

– moving to my new home in NC

– walking with my “she-ro” (mother) through dementia and the difficult decision to move her so she can be closely monitored

– HTB’s (Hubby-to-Be) medical challenges/surgeries

– first holidays away from home

I’ve learned how fragile life is and how a single

event can alter your sense of self. Change can only improve

you (long term) when you understand the value it brings to

your personal growth.

What’s New in 2013:

– weekly postings (quotes, pictures, a funny story or K-Nugget (useful tip)

– one featured poem/commentary piece each month

It’s also my first “blog-a-versary” and I can’t express how much I appreciate your support and love during my first year. I expect great things in 2013 . . . stick around the best is yet to come.

Peace and blessings for the New Year ! !


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