Word Press Daily Prompt: Sliced Bread


What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

I absolutely love the Daily Prompts on Word Press they are designed to help inspire us (writers) in our attempt to maintain fresh content and become better bloggers.  In the spirit of today’s prompt, I feel I must share what to me is the greatest thing since sliced bread: the Evernote app.  Yes, Evernote – in a society saturated with information online and printed I often found myself bombarded with masses of  sticky notes, pages torn out of magazines and recipes printed from the web and struggled to find a way to organize it all. I saw a tweet by a follower about Evernote and decided to investigate, especially since it was free – what did I have to lose?!

Evernote has changed how I capture and organize the things of interest to me and with the photo option if I see something while shopping I want to remember, I don’t have to try to recall where I saw it or the cost I can take a picture with my phone and it automatically becomes a note. You can set up notebooks to organize your notes and items as well as assign tags to easily sort them.

In the past year Evernote has become my go to for organizing things I want to keep/share, I’ve even used it for recipes so I said goodbye to writing on recipe cards. I just locate the note in my notebook titled recipes and viola ! I don’t know how I managed without it – glad I don’t have to find out.

What is your greatest thing since sliced bread ?


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