Loss of a Legend


We recently laid to rest our family matriarch at the young age of 97 and as I reflect on the impact she made in our lives and the legacy she left behind, I am honored. She lived to see 13 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great grandchildren . .  and counting – that’s awesome !

She survived the Great Depression, Segregation and the “rise” of Social Media. Although she never learned how to tweet (that’s for the birds) and didn’t have a host of Facebook friends,  faith, love of family and the strength to overcome adversity were her #hash tags. Memory stolen by Alzheimer’s in her later years, she held in a corner of her mind, memories of days gone by and the lessons learned are her legacy.

In her last moments, she may not have been able to readily name her host of family members but she left this earth surrounded by love and gratitude for her presence in our lives.

I Knew

when I no longer recognize your face or remember your name – you loved me

as the cold winds of Winter started to blow – you stood beside me

as the light in my eyes dimmed – your smile gave me warmth

transitioning into eternity I have no fear – you have the tools and my legacy will live on in you


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