Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

Arthur Ravenel Bridge, Charleston SC
photo courtesy of flickr.com

This week’s challenge suggests we include a picture that represents something you consider iconic. I must admit, at first I was stumped as to what I would select but then I thought about an image that means home to me.

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge or “Double Diamonds” as the locals call it truly represents Charleston.

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge:

– is an eight lane bridge connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant

– opened July 16, 2005

– length: 13,200 feet

– width: (8) 12 foot lanes

– height: 575 feet

– longest span: 1,546 feet

– clearance below: 186 feet

– has a 12 foot bicycle and pedestrian path

– able to stand wind gusts of 300 mph

This infamous bridge is home to the USA Track and Field 10,000 meter Cooper River Bridge Run which attracts up to 50,000 people and is held the first weekend in April.

I’ve been a North Carolina resident for a year now and though I enjoy my new home, every time I see those signature diamonds I get home sick. No matter where my new life takes me Charleston will always be home sweet home.

Share your icon with the Kreative Corner family.


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