Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question (by Michelle W)

English: penulis = writer
English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s writing prompt was submitted by fellow blogger, Paranoid Guy in the form of a question: Why do you blog?

In all honesty, my blog was born out of a personal challenge to share my work publicly – which has connected me with some amazing writers and opportunities for collaboration.

Writing was a natural transition because my childhood love of reading and the ability of the writer to make me feel the experience through the stories, which is the trademark of a talented writer.

Poetry is the “heart” of who I am, minimum words with maximum impact.  I “exhale” on the page(s) of a notebook I keep with me (yes, I’m old skool). I learned to date my work from a close friend and I still do it to this day, especially where editing is necessary.  There are times I can complete a piece in a day, but other times it may take a couple of days or weeks. I’ve learned to respect the process. I love the freedom online writing provides and hope I give the same experience that made me fall in love with writing.


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