Lunch time visitors



During the warm days of Spring/Summer I enjoy lunch outside. Today, HTB and I had lunch together (which is rare because of our schedules) at a local pizzaria – an added “treat” was our visitors enjoying a swim.
  How’d you spend your lunch today ?


4 thoughts on “Lunch time visitors

  1. I love this post. It shows how you can disconnect from some places & connect at other places. I was reading someone else’s blog a few minutes ago & read about how we can relax & get away from certain parts of our lives & find a way to open our minds to meaningful & thought provoking ideas or just ideas to use later as we go to what we do in our working lives. Love being outdoors & enjoying everything like parks for lunch, driving to get away & movies to bring on memories that are hard to think about when jamming your mind with a lot of other info to make a difference later. Have a great day & keep your life simple!

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