Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

Love for Arts
Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

Michelle W. asked the question in today’s challenge, “Is there a single idea or definition of love that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

I thought for a moment of all the relationships I have (daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife-to-be, and best girlfriend) and for me there is one common factor: acceptance.

Acceptance not in the term of enabling, but allowing someone to be themselves without the requirement of perfection. We all have areas of ourselves we could stand to improve on, so why subject someone else to a strict standard ? I’m not saying we condone actions that are reckless, but recognize we may not all have the same frailties but sharing each other’s strengths make for a well-rounded, richer, relationship experience. Weaknesses become the strengths of tomorrow if we embrace them honestly and grow from them.

Do you agree?


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

  1. Hi!
    Enabling is such a bad word in some foreign way. Acceptance of others’ thoughts can bring a lot of differences, but a lot of creativity in posts too. We also learn from each other as we listen &
    take notes if we think they are essential to our lives. I love your thoughts here & what you bring to the table in a manner of speaking. It brings up experiences we have had which we feel that are necessary to the topic(s) that are being talked about at the present time on these posts. Love is
    knowing that others care for you & talk to you & about you. Love isn’t about others making fun of you, just being funny with you. You have to experience it if you don’t already know what love is.
    Love means intense affection for another person out of kinship or personal ties, fondness or enthusiasm; could also mean a strong feeling from sexual desire, too. This will help you get started in how to love & see how others love you. Hope that helps! Have a great day & hope that you visit my blog very soon! My blog is about variety & not just one thing. You have a great blog here & love replying to your post.

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