Throwing shade: A Woman of Color’s Rant about the Cosmetics Industry



I’m a late bloomer when it comes to makeup (began 3 years ago) and there are (2) areas that “Grind my Gears”!  The lack of shade variety in foundations (recently added Beauty Balm-BB creams) and eyebrow defining pencils.  I don’t need full coverage, so I prefer to use drugstore products as a cost-effective option for everyday.  As a Woman of Color, the choices are often limited to (4) shades which are often too red or orange – really?!  We come in a variety of undertones. Eyebrow products in Dark Brown shades (mostly red based) are frequently out-of-stock or discontinued, so the only option is to find them online where we are forced to pay up to three times the original price.

In 2011 an article appeared in Madame Noire where Evette Brown wrote “Walking through the cosmetics department in Walmart and other retail chains, most African-American women will notice that quality products designed for them are few and far between.  Outside of MAC, Queen Collection and Fashion Fair there are a select number of cosmetic lines created for Black Women that we are aware of and indulge in purchasing”.  Sadly, it’s 2014 and this is still an issue.

A Smart Beauty study conducted by Essence in 2009 revealed African-American women spent $7.5 billion annually on beauty products and spend 80% more on cosmetic and skin care products than the general market.   Loreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Almay and Rimmel London – can you afford to continue ignoring the influence of the African American market?  

I’m just saying ! !


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