It has been many years since I’ve attended the fair. I always considered it a great activity for children. There are games, rides and oh the food !

This past weekend, my husband and I attended the NC State Fair to see what it had to offer.  I was amazed at the beautiful plants, flowers, art, crafts, and hobby-based displays there were. I, of course, was drawn to the beautiful flowers on display (I will share more in my Pics of the Month coming in November). Such as this lovely rose pictured below:


This beautiful hybrid of a white and red rose produced this rose called “The Sentimental”.  There were many roses displayed by this local group, but I was awestruck by this unique flower. The picture really doesn’t depict its magnificence.

I encourage you to visit and support your local/state fair to uncover your “hidden” treasures.

Have a great weekend  : )


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