No Spend May #fail
No Spend May #fail


I made a valiant decision to do a No Spend Month in May as a way to modify my “free fall” spending on all the cool planner and stationary items. I was, however,  free to purchase items for “Planner Buddies” and RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

Day 1 wasn’t  too bad, I had a plan to reduce my exposure to online retailers I frequent (like Ebay, Etsy and a FB Group for Stationary items).  My “Genie” (aka “hubby”) granted me three wishes to help keep me motivated. I could do this ! !

Day 2 the word seem to permeate the internet groups and all of a sudden “Flash sales” and Etsy vendors offering 60% off merchandise came in like a flood. I would not fall for it. I decided to make my list (of course) of all the items I would get beginning June 1, so I’m good – so I thought.

Day 10  Mother’s Day weekend and we found ourselves in Maryland. We had a lunch date with my Sister at a local restaurant which happened to be very close to a shopping area. Uh oh ! ! I have slowly gained an appreciation for NC where I could go to my favorite “spots” to shop in under 30 mins – this is not the case in NJ.  There was Michaels (which we don’t live near in NJ), TJ Maxx, Staples, and Ross – I felt my chest tighten. My Sister offered to go after lunch, but I held on to my success plan.

Day 15 came and I folded like a worn out lawn chair. There was an item on my list for June (a “must have”) and it was the only one of its kind left. I felt like a “slug” as I entered my PayPal info and clicked “submit order”. It was over – my tear-stained list silently mocked me.

What I learned: The biggest “take away” for me was to have a “plan” for purchases so that you reduce the “impulse” purchases that often lead to “buyers remorse”.  I also learned how to use my existing supplies and make “bulk” purchases to maximize the value.

I will try this again in July (my birthday month) but I will take June to be better prepared. Wish me luck ! !



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