I’m all about challenging myself and stretching my creative “muscle.”  So, when I first heard about this challenge in the planner community I figured “why not”  ? !

It’s been 2 weeks since I began this challenge  and must admit, I’m taking a second look at my planning method.  I don’t regret switching to the Travelers Notebook “system” at all but as my life becomes less “hectic” I’m learning I don’t really need a comprehensive planning system.  I’m a color-coder by nature (it’s just how I sort things visually) so I don’t feel a need to change that, however my weeks aren’t so busy that I need a lot of details.

I am exploring the “Bullet Journal” planning system because I can customize it for “basic” planning and lists (because how do you live without lists??)  Bullet Journal Overview.

My setup for this month is: (1) planner insert (monthly/weekly calendars), (1) journal for my daily “quiet time” or bible study and (1) journal for work, blog planning and brain dumps.

The pen I chose is a Pentel Energel X in black (.5) which is a needle point and I love it ! !             I’m not a fan of the regular Energel because the ink flow is too heavy and takes forever to dry, so the Energel X line was designed for “lefties” and dries quickly. The claims alone made we want to try it.  I’m not left-handed but the fast drying ink sold me.

I need color in my life  for when the mood strikes and I want to draw/color;  so I have a 7-set mini liquid chalk pens I purchased on Ebay a couple of months ago that provides that color “fix” since my planner pages are light blue.

My fauxdori
My fauxdori
"Quiet Time Journal"
insert courtesy of OneCraftChick on Etsy
Monthly/Weekly planner
insert from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy.
Work, Blog and Brain dumps
Work, Blog and Brain dumps







stay tuned to see what I decide . . .




4 thoughts on “#Onebookjuly2015 – One Book, One Pen, One Month

  1. I am intrigued by the chalk pens! I want to see how you use them.
    And I totally understand about quick drying ink-I also feel that if it’s quick drying it doesn’t have a chance to bleed. Could completely be in my head, but…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your system.

  2. Thank you Maria, I primarily used the for accent colors – since they were minis they barely made it through the month. I will be putting up a post on my final thoughts so stay tuned and thanks for leaving a comment.

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