I am always on the “hunt” for new ways to save money. There are some important lessons from my years as a Single Mom that I still use today. I was in search of something that would make an impact on our financial life for years to come.

My online research led me to the blog Living Well Spending Less and was immediately “sucked in”,  I learned about the 31-day Living Well Spending Zero challenge beginning October 1 and I figured what could it hurt?!  So, here we are ! ! I plan to provide a mid-point and month-end review of my experience and what I learned.

If you are interested, click on the above link and check it out.

until next time . . .

(featured image courtesy of prweb.com)


2 thoughts on “Challenges, Challenges ! !

  1. I just finished reading the book Living Well Spending Less and plan on starting on Living Well Spending Zero. I enjoy her blog too. She has lots of useful advice and information.

  2. She absolutely does. I’ve learned so much during this challenge and am excited about the permanent changes going forward. Thanks for taking the time to comment : )

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