31-Day #LWSZ Challenge – 5 Things I Learned

image courtesy of prweb.com
image courtesy of prweb.com

Last month I participated in the Living Well Spending Zero (#LWSZ) challenge. I knew going into it that not spending anything was not going to be an option for me, however, I did keep an open mind to learning some new ways to get a better “grip” on my spending.

What I came away with:

  • know your spending “triggers” and wait 24-48 hours before purchasing – sometimes that feeling will pass
  • waiting has its benefits – you may score a great deal if you wait a bit before buying
  • there are great low-no cost options available if you do some research (Pinterest orĀ  Instagram)
  • we tend to do “easy” because it’s convenient but there is a lot of pride in creating something yourself
  • be intentional with purchases, know what purpose the item(s) have before you buy so there’s less “buyers remorse”

until next time . . .


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