“Planner Peace”: Here’s what I learned

I shared a post earlier about my planner journey  

Love the planner but my system needed an overhaul; so I set out to find “peace.”  Spent a lot of time/money but nothing ! I stumbled into a group specifically for Travelers Notebook owners for inspiration and found people that designed their own planner “spreads” when they struggled to find/make something work for themselves.

Never did I think I could make a “customized” layout, but I challenged myself to try it out for the last months of the year to see what actually worked. I looked at many formats/systems and found the key things I needed and came up with this . . .


What this journey has taught me:

  1. “peace” is more about what system works for you and less about how much something costs. I made this using a simple grid notebook, a mechanical pencil, ruler, stickers and washi.

2.  plain pages make me sad – I need color.

3.   you don’t need a lot to plan.

4.  we are all creative – find what you’re good at and do that !

5.  experiment – try something different; if it doesn’t work try                             something else


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