I love when I get to try new products (before they are available in stores) and share my honest thoughts about them.  #Smiley360 offered this full size product to try free and I jumped at the opportunity.  (Disclaimer: I am being compensated to write this review)

Northeast winters can be brutal – the cold air seems to “suck” all the moisture out of my skin (especially my hands) so I had high hopes for this product to not only moisturize my hands but also protect them.

O’Keeffee’s Working Hands Hand Cream kept my hands moisturized even after washing my hands. I liked it so much I shared it with my husband who was impressed at how “soft” his hands felt.  That says a lot ! !

This hand cream is thick but not greasy and “melts” into the skin to form a moisture “barrier” to keep the skin soft and smooth.

This product is great if you suffer from very dry hands or frequently have your hands in water and need intense moisture that lotions just can’t give.


Join Smiley360 today – it’s free !


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