It has been a while since I’ve posted a piece but spending time with my Mom during her recent visit inspired me to share this piece. Mom bravely fights on the “battle of the mind” and I am so proud of her, my “Super Woman”.

Frosted Glass (6-7-12)

     I see you but I don’t know you

    a familiar face yet I can’t recall where we’ve met

    Can you help me?  Where do I find the answers?

    your faces hold blank clues – can’t connect the dots

    blurred images before me

   I’m trapped in the maze of my mind – trying to get back to my beginning

   scraps of random memories – insufficient space

   memories like dandelions in the wind

   I don’t belong here – yet I don’t remember my way home

   one day at a time . . . I take the journey back as the fog begins to lift.

   She refuses to go into that quiet night.  Keep fighting  ! !