Write Now – Favorite Pens

My love of pens started with my Mother who was a Nursing Assistant before CNAs became licensed. Working in a medical office had its perks : free samples, an endless supply of band aids and pens ! !  I would sit and go through the bag of pens she’d bring home  carefully selecting my favorites.

I recently started to fall in love with fountain pens. Now, the fountain pens of yesterday were mostly for Calligraphers and physicians. The ink was heavy and bled through everything and ink colors were limited to only blue and black.

Today, there’s an abundance of  fountain pens for every taste with many ink color choices. I primarily purchase ink samples from Goulet Pens that way I can play around with different colors.

The first is the Chibi 2 by Jetpens. It’s a perfect size to carry in a shirt pocket or purse and is comfortable for everyday  writing. The only draw back, it takes cartridges primarily which is great for travel not so much if you want to use a bottled ink and spend extra for silicone grease to make it an eyedropper pen. I only see bad things happening to our hardwood floors with this step – I’ll pass ! !

The second is my newest purchase from Goldspot Pens the Nemosine Singularity with Extra Fine nib. I love the thin lines it produces. The Nemosine also provides the option of cartridges and a converter for bottled ink.


photo courtesy of KReative_Works


Below is a writing sample: Inside the Chibi 2 (blue/black ink cartridge by Monteverde) and in the Nemosine (Emerald of Chivor by J. Herbin).

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

Both pens are reasonably priced – the Chibi (under $5) and the Nemosine (which is being phased out) was under $20.

I love having a pen for journaling and one with the convenience of cartridges for travel.

It’s your life – write it out.


until next time . . .