A New Love ! !

I am a  pen enthusiast, okay snob ! ! There are a few requirements I have for a writing pen.  My “perfect” pen  must write smoothly (every time), have rich ink, dry quickly and be retractable.

The Paper Mate stick pens were my favorite writing pen in Middle and High School they worked but at time the ink would get “gummy” or fail to write consistently but the thin pen was comfortable for long homework sessions.

image courtesy of yahoo.com

I was first introduced to the Sanford Uni-ball Jet stream line back in the 1990s while working at an office supply company. The hybrid ink offered the rich ink of a gel pen with the slim lines of a ball point. This was a long time favorite.

photo courtesy of yahoo.com

I recently stumbled upon a YouTube video from Tokyo Pen Shop that announced Mitsubishi had purchased Sanford and had launched a new  Uni-ball pen. Behold, the Uni-ball R.E. (angel chorus singing).

photo courtesy of mpuni.co.jp

Mind you the ink quality is not as intense as I’d like, however this is their answer to the Pilot FriXion erasable gel pens. I purchased this pen from Tokyo Pen Shop  and have been enjoying it for almost a week. It does work just like the FriXion (which I also own). It comes with an”off-black” cartridge which resembles a charcoal grey and I do like. I also ordered a Cobalt blue refill to see which I like better. There are a variety of pen bodies to choose from but I tend to be drawn to black or gray bodies as I feel they look more like a professional pen (see below).

photo courtesy of KReative_Works
writing sample with Uni-ball R E

Confession of a pen “geek” done.

until I post next time. . .