Meatless Meat?: Hit or Hype

It seems to me more people are making the switch to a “plant-based” diet.  During a recent follow-up visit with my doctor, my labs revealed a slightly elevated cholesterol level (LDL) which made me immediately look for ways to cut back on saturated fats.

I’ve given up red meat a while ago, but still enjoy a good burger every now and then. A YouTube channel I followed (Jasmine Rose)  introduced me to Beyond Meat.


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I admit I was skeptical since I had some success with Morning Star Farms black bean burgers but I craved something more than a “frozen hockey puck”.

I mentioned it to my youngest daughter who had given up meat a couple of years ago while training for a musical. We found them at our Whole Foods and she said it cooked/tasted just like a beef burger.  The 4th of July is prime burger time so I purchased 1 pack (2 patties) for dinner and seasoned it like I would a beef patty and cooked it in a skillet. I really enjoyed it and so did my “meat-atarian” husband.

Small changes can make a big difference!