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K. H R Scott is a freelance photographer, a writer, and WordPress blogger for more than 6 years. Living with her family on the East Coast, she has been writing poetry over 20 years and has received the Word Press' Versatile Blogger Award (2012) as well as a nomination from the International Who's Who of Poetry (2012). Welcome to life in the Corner : )

Only in ..

This feature premiered late in 2019, showcasing the weird and wacky world of news from our own backyards https://thekreativecorner.wordpress.com/2019/11/21/new-feature-only-in/.

This week we travel to the state of Nebraska and thought this may be a story whose 15 seconds of fame may have passed, it has become imprinted itself as part of the 2010 decade.


Gotta love that!

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You're outta here ..

Let’s face it ducks and alligators are far from being “besties”. These ducks were fed up with this alligator thinking he own the golf course and decided to take action.

video credit: top13.net

Not today, see ya later alligator!!

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A Legacy of Love

photo credit: reddit.com

We’ve lost many notable icons over the past few years but this one is so different. The shock of the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, the pilot and other families that perished in a helicopter crash Sunday morning January 26th in Calabasas CA.

What I am struck by most is the consistent sentiment about his most important role – a family man. It is abundantly clear to me this dedication to his family that prompted him to purchase a helicopter because he simply got tired of missing important family moments being stuck in LA traffic.

The world may have lost a basketball icon, but a wife and 3 daughters have suffered the greatest loss of all; a reality they will be reminded of daily. This loss has noticeably shifted the consciousness of many to what is really important.

In the end, what will bring comfort to those we leave behind? Will it be the praises of those we worked with or the precious, private moments shared? What legacy will you leave behind?

Something to consider, until next time.