The “Clap-back”

The “Clap-back”

I came across a post on the site where a twitter user encouraged people to share their professional email “clap backs”.

What is a “clap-back” ? A clap-back in basic terms is a “sharp” response (a “check”) to an email that may have been questionable, demanding or accusatory in nature.  I am attaching them here.

I will admit I’ve used a few.

Lol, until next time.


Give Me 100 !

Give Me 100 !

I recently made the decision to become an active “partner” in my healthcare by embracing a more plant-based lifestyle. This isn’t a radical move by any stretch,  educating myself about food labels and better choices about meals/snacks have given me more energy and a better quality of sleep.

Smoothies are my Summer go-to breakfast beverages. Naked Juice and Boathouse brands are two of my favorites. Here’s the label on one of the Boathouse smoothies . . .

2017-08-24 09.00.54
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

OK, so who ate the other half of the strawberries and quarter of the pear??                      The daily recommendation of fruit is 4 servings, so now I’m a quarter short!                        I then started thinking of some other things I’ve noticed that have come up short.

Lysol,  a cleaning staple in our home claims kill 99.9% of germs/bacteria. So, I can’t get a 100% guarantee?  (Sigh)

blog post 9-7-17
photo courtesy of Google

Let’s Make a Deal is one of our favorite morning game shows. They have the Lotto Game contestants play to win one of three prizes (one is usually a car), the cash prize however, is $79.95 ! Why can’t it be $80, is that extra nickel going to push you into a higher tax bracket?  C’mon now, can we get all of it?!

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Keeping it 100, until next time.

Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017

The solar eclipse of 2017 provided a moment for many of us to step away from the “craziness” of life and stand in awe of its wonder. However, I knew there would be those that would seize the opportunity to capitalize on this historic day.

During a discussion with my daughter, I said I wouldn’t be surprised if solar glasses used to view the eclipse would make its way to the online market, and I wasn’t disappointed !

Here’s a pair I found right here.   As of this posting, they are still available. C’mon Man!!

Eclipse 2017

I know of at least one person that may have been interested,  because after all who doesn’t love a great deal?

photo courtesy of Tim Mann of WSJ


No words needed!


until next time . . .

Hit or Hype: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club reviews were comparing it to the Gillette razor system, but for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about the DSC here.

I wanted a real first impression, not only about the value of the kit but does it really compare to Gillette in terms of shave and durability. So, “hubby” took the challenge and ordered the 4X set (seen below). It arrived in a “bland” brown box and contained the handle, 4-stainless steel quad-blade cartridges and a sample of the shave butter (good for a weekend use).

photo courtesy of

So here’s his thoughts about it:

KHRS: What surprised you most about the initial order when it arrived?

GS: The simplicity of the packaging. Most subscription boxes often include a welcome letter/packet with information about the club, its products and testimonials of customers; I would’ve liked to have seen that.

KHRS: What is the difference between these razors and other brands you’ve tried?

GS: These razors are far better quality and provide a closer shave. You can use one cartridge for a week and still have more for the rest of the month. The cheaper ones you may be able to get one day’s shave from a razor before having to throw it away. The quality was just as good as the other brand I used and would be difficult to tell the difference – it’s just that close.

KHRS: What influenced your decision to try DSC?

GS: I’ve actually looked at DSC for a long time and heard other national radio hosts say good things about it. I also know people who have tried it and said good things about it. Instead of going and buying cheap razors, I thought why not get something you know is going to provide a quality shave for a month. $6 is a good bargain, I think it’s brilliant.

KHRS: How would you describe your first month with DSC?

GS: I like it. It was what I expected, when I got the box and looked at the razor I said this is about as good a quality as any of the brand name razors you could get. I’m pleased with the results, overall the experience was good and makes me want to keep going with it. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it an 8.