Colors of Fall

This week’s post include some photos that display the beauty of Fall.

Enjoy, until next time . . .

In “other” News – Vol. 7

In “other” News – Vol. 7

Here’s another installment of weird and wacky news:


Sleepy Thief

Nature au Naturale

Might as well Drink this !

Saved by the Meter

Glittery Goodies

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The 4th Annual Autumnal Exhibit hosted by ArtHouseNYC was held September 26th.  The show featured over 40 local and world-renowned artists and photographers as part of the Tribeca Art Festival.

Here are some of the pieces displayed during the 3-day event:



and the following was submitted by a hobby photographer . . me : )

After the rain

this was one of five photos displayed and I was honored to be included in such a group of talent.  I wanted to share this with you as inspiration.

Remember a dream without a plan is just a wish.

Keep dreaming . . until next time.

What next??

What next??

The fight for the legalization of marijuana seems to be picking up speed in NJ read more.

Is this really the best way to raise revenue? Where is the data to support the economical long-term benefits, the psychological impact on the community and individuals or stats to support the consistent decrease in criminal prosecutions as a result of legalization?

The passing of this law remains to be seen, especially in a state with a modest unemployment (4.2% as of August here) rate and a decline in crime.

This proposal could go “up in smoke” !!

Stay tuned . .