Photo: Immigration makes us great.

Living in a multi-cultural city provides great opportunities to expand your knowledge/experience through the lives of others.  The Portuguese influence is very strong in our community and in spite of the recent “politics” has taken a stand to honor their contribution to this country.

photo courtesy of KReative_Works
photo courtesy of KReative_Works
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

The truth is we are all immigrants, whether by choice or by force.  I will allow this final photo to speak for itself.



something to think about until next time.




We are on a weekend getaway, but have no fear we will return next week.


art beach beautiful clouds
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See you then.   XOXO

The humidity finally gave us a break last week and I enjoy spending time in the park near our home.  I will sit for hours to just unwind and soak up the sun without the extreme temperatures.

While sitting in the park I noticed this:

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

Have you ever had a day when you just needed a moment to yourself?  Let this squirrel remind you to stop and let the wind blow through your hair or fur if you will.

Soak it up, until next time.

In “other” News – Vol. 6

In “other” News – Vol. 6

We are back with another installment of the weird and wacky, here are the latest head scratchers:

Designated Driver debacle.

That’s Squirrelly ! !

Define Drunk Driving.

License and Registration Officer

stay tuned until next time . .