Hit or Hype: Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent

I recently received samples from the company to try out.

Here are the claims:

“Our laundry detergent formulas are tough enough to remove the stains you know all too well, without harsh ingredients.” (from http://www.seventhgeneration.com)

Seventh Gen,
photo courtesy of jet.com


I used one of the (2) sample packs I received and honestly I didn’t see a remarkable difference from the detergent we normally use.  As well all make better choice to be kinder to our planet, I can appreciate companies that provide choices for us to do that.

I plan to try the liquid version (on sale of course) and put it against our regular detergent on white clothes, to me that the best indicator of how well a laundry detergent works. If you have sensitive skin and haven’t had much luck with detergents, give Seventh Generation a try.  I’ll be sure to come back with an update once I’ve put it through the next test.

until next time . . .


Hit or Hype: Elena May Boutique

I normally don’t purchase items from Facebook ads but there was an offer I couldn’t resist.  The promotional offer: a free bracelet, the only cost was shipping (valued at $4.95).  I read some of the comments to get opinions from people who had purchased and as it is with most reviews there are some people no matter what, just can’t be pleased.

I purchased the one below because the inscription spoke to me.

Following my purchase on 8-24-17,  I contacted the shop via FB Messenger to confirm some of the issues mentioned and received a friendly, prompt response that the issue of expedited fees (due to the overwhelming product demand) were refunded and there were no duplicate charges made to customers’ cards.  Carole also advised they were about to complete all the outstanding orders were completed.

The site is an actual membership that promises access to over 5000 beautifully designed pieces of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry at over 60% off retail price for the low monthly cost of $12.86 per month.

My bracelet arrived on 9-18-17 and I am impressed with the quality of it.

2017-09-19 15.31.01

The subscription service isn’t right for me, but my experience with the company was a pleasant one.



Hit or Hype: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club reviews were comparing it to the Gillette razor system, but for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about the DSC here.

I wanted a real first impression, not only about the value of the kit but does it really compare to Gillette in terms of shave and durability. So, “hubby” took the challenge and ordered the 4X set (seen below). It arrived in a “bland” brown box and contained the handle, 4-stainless steel quad-blade cartridges and a sample of the shave butter (good for a weekend use).

photo courtesy of dollarshaveclub.com

So here’s his thoughts about it:

KHRS: What surprised you most about the initial order when it arrived?

GS: The simplicity of the packaging. Most subscription boxes often include a welcome letter/packet with information about the club, its products and testimonials of customers; I would’ve liked to have seen that.

KHRS: What is the difference between these razors and other brands you’ve tried?

GS: These razors are far better quality and provide a closer shave. You can use one cartridge for a week and still have more for the rest of the month. The cheaper ones you may be able to get one day’s shave from a razor before having to throw it away. The quality was just as good as the other brand I used and would be difficult to tell the difference – it’s just that close.

KHRS: What influenced your decision to try DSC?

GS: I’ve actually looked at DSC for a long time and heard other national radio hosts say good things about it. I also know people who have tried it and said good things about it. Instead of going and buying cheap razors, I thought why not get something you know is going to provide a quality shave for a month. $6 is a good bargain, I think it’s brilliant.

KHRS: How would you describe your first month with DSC?

GS: I like it. It was what I expected, when I got the box and looked at the razor I said this is about as good a quality as any of the brand name razors you could get. I’m pleased with the results, overall the experience was good and makes me want to keep going with it. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it an 8.

I’m in love with Marco!

We live in the “tech” era and with so many social media sites, apps, video and radio streaming you can become easily overwhelmed.  I made a conscious choice to limit my tech usage and not commit to another social app or site, however my eldest daughter sent me a link for Marco Polo a while ago and my first response was Nope!! I recently decided to give it a try while traveling and all I can say is what took me so long?!


Marco Polo app
image courtesy of play.google.com


Marco Polo has changed the way I communicate with my family. What is Marco Polo? You can read more here.  This is so much better than a lengthy text, email or even voicemail. I find myself rarely use texts or voicemail, this is a game changer for me!

Try it for free on your Android or I phone.

. . . until next time.