I’m in love with Marco!

We live in the “tech” era and with so many social media sites, apps, video and radio streaming you can become easily overwhelmed.  I made a conscious choice to limit my tech usage and not commit to another social app or site, however my eldest daughter sent me a link for Marco Polo a while ago and my first response was Nope!! I recently decided to give it a try while traveling and all I can say is what took me so long?!


Marco Polo app
image courtesy of play.google.com


Marco Polo has changed the way I communicate with my family. What is Marco Polo? You can read more here.  This is so much better than a lengthy text, email or even voicemail. I find myself rarely use texts or voicemail, this is a game changer for me!

Try it for free on your Android or I phone.

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Meatless Meat?: Hit or Hype

It seems to me more people are making the switch to a “plant-based” diet.  During a recent follow-up visit with my doctor, my labs revealed a slightly elevated cholesterol level (LDL) which made me immediately look for ways to cut back on saturated fats.

I’ve given up red meat a while ago, but still enjoy a good burger every now and then. A YouTube channel I followed (Jasmine Rose)  introduced me to Beyond Meat.


photo courtesy of techtimes.com


I admit I was skeptical since I had some success with Morning Star Farms black bean burgers but I craved something more than a “frozen hockey puck”.

I mentioned it to my youngest daughter who had given up meat a couple of years ago while training for a musical. We found them at our Whole Foods and she said it cooked/tasted just like a beef burger.  The 4th of July is prime burger time so I purchased 1 pack (2 patties) for dinner and seasoned it like I would a beef patty and cooked it in a skillet. I really enjoyed it and so did my “meat-atarian” husband.

Small changes can make a big difference!

Hit or Hype : Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

I was selected to receive these products for review, so I was excited to try products that were paraben-free,  had plant-based ingredients and weren’t tested on animals.


2017-03-03 09.06.58
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

The Basil scent was “intense” in the hand lotion and I wasn’t sure if I’d use it at all. The hand soap was assigned kitchen duty since I’m often washing my hands for meal prep; the lotion lives on my desk to keep my hands soft during these cold NE winters. I find my hands are excessively dry and the moisture lasts a while without having to constantly reapply.

I really love how well the hand soap cleanses without stripping the natural oils in my skin and the lotion adds moisture without leaving a greasy, tacky feel.  The hand soap retails for $3.99 and the lotion for $4.99 per the Mrs. Meyer’s website.  You can also purchase the Hand Care Basic set for $7.99 which saves you a couple of dollars of buying them individually.  There are also foaming hand soaps which is my favorite method of hand soap because it dispenses an exact amount which reduces waste.  I have spotted them in our Whole Foods and am looking forward to trying some of the other home care products.

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I love when I get to try new products (before they are available in stores) and share my honest thoughts about them.  #Smiley360 offered this full size product to try free and I jumped at the opportunity.  (Disclaimer: I am being compensated to write this review)

Northeast winters can be brutal – the cold air seems to “suck” all the moisture out of my skin (especially my hands) so I had high hopes for this product to not only moisturize my hands but also protect them.

O’Keeffee’s Working Hands Hand Cream kept my hands moisturized even after washing my hands. I liked it so much I shared it with my husband who was impressed at how “soft” his hands felt.  That says a lot ! !

This hand cream is thick but not greasy and “melts” into the skin to form a moisture “barrier” to keep the skin soft and smooth.

This product is great if you suffer from very dry hands or frequently have your hands in water and need intense moisture that lotions just can’t give.


Join Smiley360 today – it’s free !