Photo of the Week: Lighting the Night

image credit: KReative_Works

I love the twinkle of holiday lights against the night sky.

What a fitting photo to share as we prepare to celebrate the last holidays of this decade.

Happy Holidays from the Kreative Corner family to yours.

Thanksgiving Throwback

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As we spend time with family and friends this season, let us not forget those who are not as fortunate.

We are grateful for your readership this year as we plan for 2020. I wanted to share this post from last year as the holiday season warrants it.

Enjoy your holiday.

True Love

Valentine’s Day has become the hunt for roses, the finest chocolates, and the perfect card to express a heartfelt sentiment.

There are the “little” things done daily that money can’t buy. This short film released in 2015 was worth sharing again as a reminder of what true love really means.

reaching for a tissue, until next time.

2018 Holiday Memories

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I discovered the December Daily project in 2016 and you can read all about that here:

Here are a couple of my favorite pages from my 2018 holiday journal.

photo credit: KReative_Works

photo credit: KReative_Work

Capturing these memories each year has become a labor of love and a gift to my grandchildren so they understand why this holiday is so special.

What’s your favorite holiday?