Monthly Headscratchers 3.0

Monthly Headscratchers 3.0

Well, it seems as we get close to the holidays the “gifts” just keep on coming. Here are the latest ones from the past month.

Dr. Pot

Flight 666 to HEL

Hot Spot

I need a cold one

$1 Weed ??

Enjoy these until next time. .



Top Halloween candy by state.

Top Halloween candy by state.

Halloween is the one day kids and “kids at heart” can binge on candy.  Some of my childhood faves: Fun size Snickers (which I still love), M&Ms and Smarties.

A recent poll of Halloween candy favorites list the top three candies by state check it out here.     (featured photo courtesy of


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Wait, What?!: Monthly Head Scratchers 2.0

Wait, What?!: Monthly Head Scratchers 2.0

It’s time for the next installment of wacky news.  Here are a couple from last month that couldn’t be overlooked:

I got these Chuck E Cheese tokens . . .

Now you’ve gone too far, Walmart !


Keep chuckling until next time.


Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017

The solar eclipse of 2017 provided a moment for many of us to step away from the “craziness” of life and stand in awe of its wonder. However, I knew there would be those that would seize the opportunity to capitalize on this historic day.

During a discussion with my daughter, I said I wouldn’t be surprised if solar glasses used to view the eclipse would make its way to the online market, and I wasn’t disappointed !

Here’s a pair I found right here.   As of this posting, they are still available. C’mon Man!!

Eclipse 2017

I know of at least one person that may have been interested,  because after all who doesn’t love a great deal?

photo courtesy of Tim Mann of WSJ


No words needed!


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