C’mon Man !!

C’mon Man !!

I didn’t plan to stick my toe into the “political pool” on this blog, but I couldn’t pass this up !

A recent story featured in golfdigest.com reported President Donald Trump had a plaque installed at his Northern Virginia golf course in memory of the Civil War here.

All I can say is . . .

Wait - What
Huh ??

It is clear facts didn’t have to be checked because . . he’s the President of the United States and should know a little something about its history, right???

smh, ’til next time ! !

Whole Foods Grand Opening

I have been awaiting this day since its announcement last year. Newark welcomed Whole Foods with a grand opening last week and it is a welcome change ! We are all striving to eat better and having organic food is such a breath of fresh area for this urban city’s reboot.

photos courtesy of yahoo.com
renovated building 2017

Stepping into the renovated Hahne & Company (formerly a major department store) has been given an upscale makeover following 25 years of being abandoned.  This view from the concourse is absolutely breathtaking !

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

The building includes retail spaces and boutique apartments. Change for the better has begun.     Stay tuned for updates. . .