Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017

The solar eclipse of 2017 provided a moment for many of us to step away from the “craziness” of life and stand in awe of its wonder. However, I knew there would be those that would seize the opportunity to capitalize on this historic day.

During a discussion with my daughter, I said I wouldn’t be surprised if solar glasses used to view the eclipse would make its way to the online market, and I wasn’t disappointed !

Here’s a pair I found right here.   As of this posting, they are still available. C’mon Man!!

Eclipse 2017

I know of at least one person that may have been interested,  because after all who doesn’t love a great deal?

photo courtesy of Tim Mann of WSJ


No words needed!


until next time . . .


ICYMI: Monthly Head Scratchers

ICYMI: Monthly Head Scratchers

I enjoy a good chuckle with my daily news and this sampling of stories will not disappoint.

  1.   Gimme that . .
  2.   Bag Check
  3.   Locked and loaded

The plan is to make this a monthly post, so stay tuned and we  appreciate your continued support of this blog.

Keep laughing, until next time.

Anything can happen in NJ!

Anything can happen in NJ!

This slogan was part of a local lottery commercial and at first I thought it was just a “catch phrase” then this happened more here.

Now, this raises some questions for me. Is there a stipend for gas? Can I leave early to beat traffic? What about the whole safety “thing”?

Companies are now finding “clever” ways to cut overhead costs and increase profits, but c’mon!! This is such a bad idea.

Scratching my head until next time.

C’mon Man !!

C’mon Man !!

I didn’t plan to stick my toe into the “political pool” on this blog, but I couldn’t pass this up !

A recent story featured in reported President Donald Trump had a plaque installed at his Northern Virginia golf course in memory of the Civil War here.

All I can say is . . .

Wait - What
Huh ??

It is clear facts didn’t have to be checked because . . he’s the President of the United States and should know a little something about its history, right???

smh, ’til next time ! !