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The “Clap-back”

The “Clap-back”

I came across a post on the site boredpanda.com where a twitter user encouraged people to share their professional email “clap backs”.

What is a “clap-back” ? A clap-back in basic terms is a “sharp” response (a “check”) to an email that may have been questionable, demanding or accusatory in nature.  I am attaching them here.

I will admit I’ve used a few.

Lol, until next time.

Give Me 100 !

Give Me 100 !

I recently made the decision to become an active “partner” in my healthcare by embracing a more plant-based lifestyle. This isn’t a radical move by any stretch,  educating myself about food labels and better choices about meals/snacks have given me more energy and a better quality of sleep.

Smoothies are my Summer go-to breakfast beverages. Naked Juice and Boathouse brands are two of my favorites. Here’s the label on one of the Boathouse smoothies . . .

2017-08-24 09.00.54
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

OK, so who ate the other half of the strawberries and quarter of the pear??                      The daily recommendation of fruit is 4 servings, so now I’m a quarter short!                        I then started thinking of some other things I’ve noticed that have come up short.

Lysol,  a cleaning staple in our home claims kill 99.9% of germs/bacteria. So, I can’t get a 100% guarantee?  (Sigh)

blog post 9-7-17
photo courtesy of Google

Let’s Make a Deal is one of our favorite morning game shows. They have the Lotto Game contestants play to win one of three prizes (one is usually a car), the cash prize however, is $79.95 ! Why can’t it be $80, is that extra nickel going to push you into a higher tax bracket?  C’mon now, can we get all of it?!

photo courtesy of cbs.com

Keeping it 100, until next time.

Did You Google that??

Did You Google that??

Google like Wikipedia has become our trusted source of facts/information, kinda like the days of the encyclopedia.  Here’s a scary thought, the searches of you and your neighbors are being tracked.

I submit to you the frequent Google searches by state here.


snickering until next time  🙂