I hate Alzheimers.

I hate Alzheimers.

My family have been fighting for a few years. . beside our Mother. She was diagnosed with Dementia a few years ago and five years ago we moved her out of her Senior apartment, when she would lose her wallet, couldn’t find her way back home on a street she’d walk hundred of times before or remember what she ate for dinner.

Dementia and other cognitive diseases attack the brain which is the body’s “mother board” that controls everything from motor skills to speech. There are times I am angry to watch my “s-hero” struggle to remember the days of the week, the town she lives in or even the names of her grandchildren.

It is devastating and takes a toll on the caregivers and supporters alike.  There isn’t a way to save my Mother from this disease, but I will continue to fight on her behalf for the future families that will be affected.  I will be participating locally in the Walk to End Alzheimers. This charity walk will to help raise additional money needed for research, support services, and legislation here.

You may think you don’t know of anyone whose family has been affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia — now you do.  Please help us win this “battle”.

. . .until next time.

I’m in love with Marco!

We live in the “tech” era and with so many social media sites, apps, video and radio streaming you can become easily overwhelmed.  I made a conscious choice to limit my tech usage and not commit to another social app or site, however my eldest daughter sent me a link for Marco Polo a while ago and my first response was Nope!! I recently decided to give it a try while traveling and all I can say is what took me so long?!


Marco Polo app
image courtesy of play.google.com


Marco Polo has changed the way I communicate with my family. What is Marco Polo? You can read more here.  This is so much better than a lengthy text, email or even voicemail. I find myself rarely use texts or voicemail, this is a game changer for me!

Try it for free on your Android or I phone.

. . . until next time.

The “Javender Effect”

Some of the best finds are purely by accident.  “Hubby” and I often have those days where sleep doesn’t come easy.  Aromatherapy works wonders, especially Lavender.  We keep a can of spray infused with Lavender to create a calm atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.

My husband is a huge Jazz music fan, so one night I used the spray and he turned on the music and within minutes we were both fast asleep. Hence, the term “Javender Effect” was born.



photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org


However, I have to quiet my brain that is often intrigued by the music so the lavender can do its work and for “hubby” the music relaxes him as his nose is enchanted by the smell.  We are quite the pair!

Create your sleepy time duo and remember you saw it here first.

You’re welcome  : )


June 10th begins our local Portugal Day celebration (over 3 days). It’s like a street fair with performances, food, drinks, and crafts.  The sun finally graced us (after what seemed like a solid week of rain) and the warmer temps plus low humidity helped bring out the crowd.

20170610_1832162017-06-10 22.14.43

We are grateful to be a part of a city that recognizes and celebrates its diversity.


“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety”  ~ W. Somerset Maugham