Is it Spring??

Here we are almost the middle of May and we have been on a roller coaster of temperatures from 86 degrees (Apr 29) to 54 degrees (May 7).

I love the “patches” of green sprinkled throughout the horizon in hopes the warm weather will come back and stick around for a while. . . or at least we can hope.

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

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Hit or Hype : Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

I was selected to receive these products for review, so I was excited to try products that were paraben-free,  had plant-based ingredients and weren’t tested on animals.


2017-03-03 09.06.58
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

The Basil scent was “intense” in the hand lotion and I wasn’t sure if I’d use it at all. The hand soap was assigned kitchen duty since I’m often washing my hands for meal prep; the lotion lives on my desk to keep my hands soft during these cold NE winters. I find my hands are excessively dry and the moisture lasts a while without having to constantly reapply.

I really love how well the hand soap cleanses without stripping the natural oils in my skin and the lotion adds moisture without leaving a greasy, tacky feel.  The hand soap retails for $3.99 and the lotion for $4.99 per the Mrs. Meyer’s website.  You can also purchase the Hand Care Basic set for $7.99 which saves you a couple of dollars of buying them individually.  There are also foaming hand soaps which is my favorite method of hand soap because it dispenses an exact amount which reduces waste.  I have spotted them in our Whole Foods and am looking forward to trying some of the other home care products.

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Tech Challenged

In this fast-paced culture of tweets and 20-second sound bites, conversations are now reduced to 170 characters or emoticons to convey our thoughts/feelings.

As  “Gen X-ers”  we are challenged to keep up with this ever changing mode of tech talk.

A Facebook friend shared this graphic that I found absolutely hilarious.


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