Someone Needs a Hug . .

I’m not the only one waiting for Winter to loosen its grip and experience a “real” Spring. Meteorologists are constantly in the “line of fire” with groans and snarky comments from weather weary viewers that just want to know when it will end??


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Meteorologist, Garry Frank in Michigan wants you to know how he felt so here it is.

The next time you want to take your frustrations out on your local meteorologist, let’s not forget they are “people” too.  Garry  here’s a <<hug>>.

until next time. . .


Goodbye Rev. Billy Graham

Goodbye Rev. Billy Graham

Here’s a wonderful tribute to America’s first Evangelist, the Rev. Billy Graham. My husband shared this on his blog and I felt it was a fitting tribute to share with you (here).


Well done faithful servant. Sleep in peace.

Our family recently celebrated our Mom’s milestone birthday.  She has endured some health challenges in the past year but we are blessed to still have her with us.

Spending time with her on her personal “holiday” meant the world to me.  She is a fighter and continues to fight against time.  My “she-ro” ! !

This is what 85 looks like.

Enjoying this memory, until next time.