TBT: Cereal Edition

The recent Pop culture trend seems to center around the “Reboot” a revival of things from days gone by – a blast from the past !  You see this in fashion, TV shows and even music.  So, on this #TBT I submit a treasure chest of sugary goodies that is breakfast cereal.

A recent conversation with “hubby” prompted a google search for a cereal I used to see on the shelf of our grocery store but didn’t remember who made it.  He was off to get his tablet and scored this.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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Is it Spring??

Here we are almost the middle of May and we have been on a roller coaster of temperatures from 86 degrees (Apr 29) to 54 degrees (May 7).

I love the “patches” of green sprinkled throughout the horizon in hopes the warm weather will come back and stick around for a while. . . or at least we can hope.

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

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Hit or Hype : Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

I was selected to receive these products for review, so I was excited to try products that were paraben-free,  had plant-based ingredients and weren’t tested on animals.


2017-03-03 09.06.58
photo courtesy of KReative_Works

The Basil scent was “intense” in the hand lotion and I wasn’t sure if I’d use it at all. The hand soap was assigned kitchen duty since I’m often washing my hands for meal prep; the lotion lives on my desk to keep my hands soft during these cold NE winters. I find my hands are excessively dry and the moisture lasts a while without having to constantly reapply.

I really love how well the hand soap cleanses without stripping the natural oils in my skin and the lotion adds moisture without leaving a greasy, tacky feel.  The hand soap retails for $3.99 and the lotion for $4.99 per the Mrs. Meyer’s website.  You can also purchase the Hand Care Basic set for $7.99 which saves you a couple of dollars of buying them individually.  There are also foaming hand soaps which is my favorite method of hand soap because it dispenses an exact amount which reduces waste.  I have spotted them in our Whole Foods and am looking forward to trying some of the other home care products.

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Whole Foods Grand Opening

I have been awaiting this day since its announcement last year. Newark welcomed Whole Foods with a grand opening last week and it is a welcome change ! We are all striving to eat better and having organic food is such a breath of fresh area for this urban city’s reboot.

photos courtesy of yahoo.com
renovated building 2017

Stepping into the renovated Hahne & Company (formerly a major department store) has been given an upscale makeover following 25 years of being abandoned.  This view from the concourse is absolutely breathtaking !

photo courtesy of KReative_Works

The building includes retail spaces and boutique apartments. Change for the better has begun.     Stay tuned for updates. . .