Rilakkuma: The Traveling Bear

Welcome to the first post of 2018 ! !

There aren’t many characters I connect with but there’s something about this little guy.  Rilakkuma is a fictional Japanese character whose name means  bear in relaxed mood; he like things stress-free and does everything at his own pace.   A gift from my husband this Summer and he takes his job as desk monitor very seriously (seen below).



I have been blessed with a new client this year that will afford me the opportunity to travel and Rilakkuma will become my “official” travel mascot, so look for him in future posts.

Here’s to the start of a wonderful new year ! !


Home for the Holiday

There’s nothing like being home for the holidays. Charleston is a city known for its Palmetto tree-lined streets, charm as sweet as the tea that runs through our veins and “laid back” feel. Our annual trips home (annually) surprise us at how much it’s growing and changing.

Here are some photos from our trip:

photo courtesy of KReative Works

This building was once a small family run wholesale store in my old neighborhood. Now it is a restaurant and bar that on busy nights the line extends the block.

photo courtesy of KReative Works

This building used to house the county public library but will soon open as a trendy boutique hotel.  I’m told the bar has been constructed with some of the original building’s tiles.

photo courtesy of KReative Works

Even City Hall has a little something extra.

photo courtesy of KReative Works

. .and no trip to Charleston is complete with out a trek across the Arthur Ravenel bridge.

It seems each trip home reveals how much our beloved city continues to grow and change. There’s no telling what we’ll discover next year when we return.

Thanks for sharing these memories with us.


. . until next time.

TBT: Cold & Flu Edition

I love traveling back home for the holidays. What I’m not a fan of is being shut up in a airborne “tube” with those that may be harboring a dirty secret . . .the creepy crud ! !

Yes, within 3 days of returning home and getting back into my “routine”, I was sacked by what felt like the flu. Body aches, congestion and just feeling blah.  “Hubby” and I were reminiscing about the power of Vick’s Vapo Rub and some of the other products back in the day. So here are some you may remember:

blog 12-7
image courtesy of Google


Ah, yes the Vapo Rub that would get plastered on your chest and under your nose. It “crushed” that stuffy nose instantly.

12-7 b
image courtesy of Google

These drops were slipped into your book bag for school, I’d love to know what the “medication” was.



when you needed to clear all the congestion so you could make it through the workday.

I am “on the mend”  but wanted to take you back down memory lane. Some of the things our parents subjected us to all those years ago still work today.

. . be well until next time.

The Midas Touch ??

The Hershey company has set the standard for chocolate bars since it began in 1900. There have only been two other releases since then.  Hershey’s Special Dark was introduced in 1939 and the Cookies n Creme bar in 1995.  Here’s a look at the newest candy bar.

This is scheduled to launch on December 1, 2017 so


. . and your welcome.