Micropoetry: Colors of Fall

Micropoetry: Colors of Fall

Today’s post is a piece I recently shared on Twitter.

Enjoy ! !

Raleigh NC
Colors of Fall !

beautiful canvas

colors of Gold, Orange and Red

a softly wind tossed path

Fall is here


9/11 – 13 years later

This piece was written a few years ago and I felt it was worth the repost today.

courtesy of photobucket
courtesy of photobucket

      I Remember 9/11 (originally premiered 9-11-11)

Americans held their collective breath in shock as a part of her bled and died

we cried, prayed and realized the true meaning of a “united state”

slowly rising to her feet, strengthened by those that love and respect her is a true testament of fortitude

The years pass and though it may seem we have forgotten, September 11, 2001 will always remind us how

a single event can change lives forever.

We will never forget ! !