Someone Needs a Hug . .

I’m not the only one waiting for Winter to loosen its grip and experience a “real” Spring. Meteorologists are constantly in the “line of fire” with groans and snarky comments from weather weary viewers that just want to know when it will end??


courtesy of

Meteorologist, Garry Frank in Michigan wants you to know how he felt so here it is.

The next time you want to take your frustrations out on your local meteorologist, let’s not forget they are “people” too.  Garry  here’s a <<hug>>.

until next time. . .


Around Town: Edison Ale House

We (“hubby” and I ) consider ourselves “foodies”. We love finding local eateries to dine.  This local “gem” looks small from the outside, but the inside has the feel of an Irish pub (see here).

My “meatatarian” tried the Iron Bound Burger (below):


I, however opted for the Blackened Salmon Wrap ( seen below):


The atmosphere was nice and quickly began to fill as people attending the hockey game came to dine before the 8pm start. We enjoyed the meal and look forward to trying some of the other menu items in the future.

I’ll leave these here so you can drool . . until next time.

In “other” News – Vol. 3


Wait - What
Huh ??


Here are the latest in “head scratching” news (in case you missed it):

Caught Red Faced

New Life and a New Car??

You Can’t Make Me Leave

Gumball Goof

Clean Yo’ Hands ! !

Hope this keeps you LOL until next time.




What Next Walmart??

photo courtesy of I Heart The Mart

Last year Wal-Mart decided to cut costs by having its employees deliver packages read here.

Now,  they are jumping into grocery delivery here.  So, if Wal-Mart is known for cutting costs and corners how long will it be until employees are knocking on your door with your groceries?  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Something to ponder until next time .