Goodbye Rev. Billy Graham

Goodbye Rev. Billy Graham

Here’s a wonderful tribute to America’s first Evangelist, the Rev. Billy Graham. My husband shared this on his blog and I felt it was a fitting tribute to share with you (here).


Well done faithful servant. Sleep in peace.


Monthly Head Scratcher 4.0

Monthly Head Scratcher 4.0

Please enjoy this month’s installment of news stories you just can’t make up.

Doctor, Doctor

It’s Loaded

No, it’s really a snake

Lol, until the next installment.

The Midas Touch ??

The Hershey company has set the standard for chocolate bars since it began in 1900. There have only been two other releases since then.  Hershey’s Special Dark was introduced in 1939 and the Cookies n Creme bar in 1995.  Here’s a look at the newest candy bar.

This is scheduled to launch on December 1, 2017 so


. . and your welcome.

ICYMI: Monthly Head Scratchers

ICYMI: Monthly Head Scratchers

I enjoy a good chuckle with my daily news and this sampling of stories will not disappoint.

  1.   Gimme that . .
  2.   Bag Check
  3.   Locked and loaded

The plan is to make this a monthly post, so stay tuned and we  appreciate your continued support of this blog.

Keep laughing, until next time.